La Cura Summer School | La Cura Summer School - EN
Five days of an international Summer School, from 22nd to 26th August 2016, to explore the ubiquitous body in the hyper-connection era.
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To inhabit the city and the planet, building new relational and hyper-connected sensibilities. To design an augmented sensoriality which is able to promote new aesthetics of complexity, diversity and participation.

Starting with the experience of La Cura, the Summer School proposes a trans-disciplanary topic about planet living in the era of hyper-connection, in order to create an installation for La Triennale di Milano.
The various outputs will be shown at XXI Triennale di Milano International Exhibition, held during the “Condividi la Conoscenza” event.

What does “interconnect the planet in the era of ubiquitous technologies and hyper-connection” mean?
How to create communicative dynamics that interconnect bodies, environments, objects and processes able to generate sense and expand our perception of “beauty-that-connects” evoked by the philospher Gregory Bateson?
How to give a shape to this possibility through a new sense, a new omnipresent tactility?

Starting from Cybernetics, Ecology, from the Theory of Systems and Complexity, we will work with Big Data, social networks, wearable technologies, info-aesthetics and their philosophical and theoretical involvement, in order to create a sensitive installation for the planetary conversations about modalities of living the planet, designing and building an augmented technological and interconnective sense, which will be a wearable technology.

The school

Five days of an international Summer School, from 22nd to 26th August 2016, to explore the ubiquitous body in the hyper-connection era.

The results

An interactive installation which will be shown at La Triennale di Milano, on the 3th and 4th of September during the XXI Triennale di Milano International Exhibition, as part of the “Condividi la Conoscenza” event.

What we’re looking for

The workshop is open to maximum 40 students, professionals and those passionate of arts, technologies, design, scientific disciplines, anthropology, sociology, data science, DIY electronic, philosophy, ecology.

The Summer School is international and it will be held in English.


#Physical Computing


#Information Visualization

#Social Network Analysis




The Summer School develops along a trans-disciplanary path that is composed of theoretical dialogues and meetings, designing and creative conditions, operational development situations, around the following topic paths:

1. Big Data, Social Media Listening

2. Data Visualization, Infoaesthetics

3. Communication, Branding

4. Design and Prototyping

5. Coding, Physical and Wearable Computing


General public 530€

Students 380€

ISIA students 280€

The cost is inclusive of lunch for each participant for the entire five days of the Summer School: the chef-researcher Giorgio Cipolletta will create recipes with local and seasonal food, inspired by the topics of the Summer School.Accomodation and transport expenses are not included in the price.

Download the call and the full programme



Salvatore Iaconesi

Interaction designer, robotics engineer, artist, hacker. Salvatore is TED Fellow 2012, Eisenhower Fellow since 2013 and Yale World Fellow 2014. His artworks and performances have been featured worldwide at festivals and conferences.

Oriana Persico

Artist and writer, Oriana Persico holds a degree in Communication Sciences and she is an expert in participatory policies and digital inclusion. In the socio technical innovation area, she is an expert on the formal analysis of cultural and social trends, with specific focus on social networks.

Guglielmo Torelli

Visual artist and Interaction designer, Guglielmo loves to design everything that is open, experimental and interactive.
Addicted to web technologies, physical computing and poetic computation.
Works as a freelance designer since 2012.

Ruggero Castagnola

Interaction designer and creative technologist, Ruggero works as a designer/developer for web design+brand identity firm parcodiyellowstone, and serves as lecturer in Interaction Design at NABA, Milan in the Product Design MDes led by Jozeph Forakis. He is a research fellow at PoliMI, focusing on digital technologies for rehabilitation, and was a research intern at CIID, wherehe led the development of the Social Media Detector, commissioned by Intel and showcased at Maker Faire 2013.

Andrea Spatari

Problem-solving passionate, EcoDesign teacher at the ISIA of Florence, he loves to design with a multidisciplinary approach. He uses ethnography as a design tool, carrying out field research, data analysis and design of concept product and services. He sees design as a means to make the world fairer.



Francesco Bonomi

Programmer since 1981, Francesco focused his professional activities in the development and management of multimedia and playful applications as well as in the computer processing of cultural, humanistic and literary. He teaches “Elementi di Programmazione” at ISIA Firenze.

Tommaso Tregnaghi

Visual designer and musician, Tommaso follows a path between visual arts and design, with interests for performative and musical arts field. He works in communication and branding and he studies modification of brand structure in the digital culture era. He’s co-founder of Nefula since 2015.

Mirko Balducci

Communication designer interested on the connection among society, technology and media. Mirko explores how they influence each other, working on Identities, Education and Processes design. Co-founder of Nefula since 2015.

Rudy Faletra

Product designer and 3D artist, Rudy is interested in vfx, innovation and technology. He is expert in 3d modelling, prototyping and manufacturing processes. Co-founder of Nefula since 2015.



Giorgio Cipolletta

Research doctor in Information and communication theory, “precarious” teacher of Visual Arts and Technology at the University of Macerata, vicepresident of CRASH (Creative ArtSHocking) association, Giorgio loves cooking and good food, and he’s cook at Punto Macrobiotico of Macerata and Culiinaria of Warsaw. Passionate of Contemporary Arts, Digital Aesthetics, Literature, Poetry, Music, culinary anthropology and research, he mixes new ubiquitous and syncretic territories, rethinking every personal experience for a “curative” sharing and collaboration.

Where and when

Five full days of activity, from Monday 22nd Friday 26th August 2016, at Le Scuderie of Villa Strozzi – ISIA Florence headquarters.

Deadline extended until 17 July 2016 – 12pm

For more information write to

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