La Cura Summer School | La Cura Summer School
Una summer school internazionale di 5 giorni, dal 22 al 26 Agosto 2016, dedicata all’esplorazione del corpo ubiquo nell’era dell’iperconnettività. La Cura Summer School propone un percorso transdisciplinare sul tema dell’abitare il pianeta nell’era dell’iperconnessione, i cui risultati saranno esposti alla Triennale Expogate nell’ambito della XX1 Esposizione Internazionale, all’interno dell’evento “Condividi la Conoscenza”.
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Between analog and digital world, between art and technology, between global and local: this story tells how La Cura Summer School gave life to BAOTAZ, the interconnected mind of the world, to donate a new augmented sensoriality to humankind.

The Commons

The whole process of the Summer School led to the establishment of a Commons. Each component in place has participated and has been critical to creating an environment of high quality relationship. The results are the basis of what is defined as Commons. The various working groups, involved in all aspects of the experience, are collected here and their work is visible, experienceable and free to be used.


Data Driven Installation

The group compared with interaction design common problems, observing and giving value to possible alternatives on the interactive installation designing, and relational ways with the viewer and expositive space. Starting from the state of the arts analysis, the department extrapolated key function modalities of an interactive work able to communicate data and sensoriality.

Wearable BAOTAZ

Wearable Technology / Augmented Sense

A device able to transmit collected data from Human Ecosystem directly to the body. Conversely of neural helmets that obtains data from the person who uses it, BAOTAZ Wearable donates a new sensoriality to the person, the empathic interconnection sense.


Data/Information Visualization

Data visualization group handled to build a visualization that represents, as much as possible, the complexity, stratification and contradictory nature of the meaning of “Inhabiting the planet”.
Showing the complexity instead giving an interpretation, working on polar coordinates that allowed us to explore and assemble different qualitative variables, and allowing the user to actively work to create his own point of view about the ongoing discussion.

Social Media Ecosystems

Social Network Analysis

Setting up the research of expressions on inhabiting topic, through the Human Ecosystem platform preparing  data for the other groups. Participants analysed the platform, learning to implement a research and analysing by a critically way the anthropological and linguistic implications of social media listening.
The group, moreover, produced a usage handbook as an output in order to furnish a metamodel able to permit to participants of the Summer School and anyone else to set up a research on the “La Cura Summer School” project field, from here was born “BAOTAZ”.



The analysis of La Cura brand was fundamentally important in order to begin and analyse affinities and divergences with the ongoing process during La Cura Summer School and to define it on the basis of a coherent projectual line.
How is it possible to give value to the results and to the involved people at the mean time? How is it possible to share the created value enabling other people?
Were imagined use scenarios to describe communication tools able to perform the process in the best way. The result was an open and sharable platform.


Comprehensive Environment

The food is not conventional communication. The food is the spread and trace of a way. Food is research. Food is a metaphor for what we are. Food is open source.


#Physical Computing


#Data Visualization

#Social Network Analysis



More about LCSS

La Cura Summer School

Born from La Cura project (2012). La Cura Summer School took place during the summertime in 2016 giving birth to BAOTAZ, the project realised by forty-six people from all over the world.

XX1T Design Milano

BAOTAZ started its tour at La Triennale di Milano in September 2016, few days after the end of the summer school. Here BAOTAZ met a lot of people who went to the exposition and that were impressed by the colours and lights of the brain and the helmet. At La Triennale, BAOTAZ let people to feel the world on their skin for the first time.


The exposition in Milan was a great public platform to let people know about BAOTAZ and its goals. It was spread in news medias and the news arrived to Neuromed, an highly specialized center in the fields of Neuroscience that wanted to get BAOTAZ in its headquarter. It’s the second step of BAOTAZ’s life!
Nefula e VideOfficine presents a mockumentary project about new augmented sensoriality for humankind.
Year 2016. An Artificial Ethnographer Intelligence intercepts a group of Aliens from the Future while invading Earth. They get back to the past to spread the virus of interconnection. The film presents a remixed collection of materials about the spreading of the virus, called BAOTAZ. When Aliens from Squoix decide to invade a school, they start to design a plan to cure humans from the social phobia that endangers humanity and the planet.
Are you ready to get infected?
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