My cure

Hi! My name is Antonia and i’m a design student from Düsseldorf, Germany. I took notice of your open source cure via TED and I was very impressed by the dare and the will. Anyway, i took part in an art project founded by the city of Düsseldorf and the Vodafone foundation called “Düsseldorf ist Artig“ during the past year and i used your scans (as well as one of my knee) as templates for collages made of pieces of fashion magazines. Both collages of your scans are DiN A1. I hope you like it. kind regards, Antonia Schulz-Rogge PS: I sent you more pictures so you can have a better look into the pictures and decide for yourself.


ARTIG_0000_Ebene 3 ARTIG_0001_Ebene 2 WEBbrain1 WEBbrain2 WEBbrain3