cure ... we want to help

I have just read the article about you that appeared on the CNN website.

I am a hypnotherapist, and so is one of my dear friends. Together we have been practicing a form of healing called “remote clearing” – a way to heal people from a great distance away. We charge nothing for this service, and we practice it regularly to assist anyone who requests help from us. 

In order for us to assist you, you needn’t do anything except return-email me your full name and physical address (number, street, city, state, country, postal code). Hypnosis is only used on our end, between my partner and me (i.e., no hypnosis is applied to you). Under hypnosis, my partner sends a part of her consciousness to you,  scans your body, and via positive forces, disturbances (dis-eases) are encouraged to leave. Your name and address are only required to distinguish you from other people – you need not be at that address when we do the procedure. We neither need nor want any other information, and of course we keep your address private.  

I know this all must sound pretty “out there”, but if our experience with this technique had not yielded positive results, we would not still be doing it after all these years. And at the very least, it will  “do no harm”.

Thank you for publishing your quest … it is a courageous endeavor that makes a community of the whole world …

Very Best Regards,