ketogenic diet

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Please consider application of the ketogenic diet in regards to the the brain tumor. It can be done ovo-vegetarian if you do not otherwise eat animal products.

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Oxford University: Ketogenic Diet (KD) on Parkinson’s disease since May 2011. …..Johns Hopkins KD protocol: ….KD and PD, Alzheimer’s & Brain Trauma review:……KD & brain tumors:  ….WIth Glioblastoma multiforme (inconclusive)…..( ……Duke U: 70-yr old life-long schizophrenic pt., symptoms significantly abated after 3 weeks on KD (report also gives useful detail on how to do KD, though there are books on it: google also Mary Newport, MD, for alzheimer resource):  ….mouse study applying KD to multiple sclerosis: wherein KD is seen to have protective effects. Personal experience of chronic neurolyme was greatly aided by KD as well. One can do KD with eggs or tofu if not a meat-eater. ….Diabetic persons should absolutely consult their doctor;  I am not aware of Diabetes 1 persons doing the KD, nor if it is possible in their cases….Best wishes to all and I hope this helps any who read and test KD for themselves….Usually, the dieter/caregiver detects some improvements (such as reduction in joint pains, depression, constipation, etc) around Day 7, though as Newport’s work shows major effects continue after months.