magnetic mattress

a couple years ago a friend of mine told me how cancer was caused due to the lowering magnetic field of the body. before industrial revolution, our magnetic fields were much higher (there were no much stress.. nor machines.. machines and electricity, and chemicals in general… in our food, air, water, shower… all of theese has contributed to lower our magnetic fields.)and so there were no cancers. there were other diseses that had nothing to do with our magnetic fields.

so he told me cancer could not survive in a high magnetic field. he told me we should be at 2.0 ou 4.0 in a magnetic scale (which i don’t know) and that we were at 0.2 more or less, perfect for cancer spreading. So he told me that if he had cancer (anywhere in the body) he would buy a magnet matress and lie down on it for like 2 hours a day or something in order to raise his magnetic field.

I have no knowledge of this working, so i think you shoul check with an expert. what i do know is that they are forbidden in a lot of places, like the that was closed down in the usa and included the cure for a.i.d.s.

good luck on that one,

i’m not sure this will help, but I’ve rather try than to shup myself up on a situation like this.