I’m working in open source web edition (I make websites for a living) and your initative interests me a lot. I use this anonymized email account when talking about cannabis since I’m a long time cannabis anti-prohibitionnist activist and as you know most of this plant is forbidden (well in my country, France, it is even forbidden to present the positives aspects of this plant). I’ve learned a lot about the plant and happenend to read a lot about its medicinal properties which should interest you.

Because, yes, cannabis and especially THC (a molecule) is a (little) known cure for cancer and especially brain tumors (!). Spanish searchers (Guillermo Velasco and colleagues at Complutense University in Spain) cured rats that has brain tumors.

There exist a lot of information on the web if you search with the good terms, and some comes from famous health institutions. Of course, because of political prohibition, those informations are rarely publicized as they merit.

Here is some info I gathered searching on google the terms “cannabis brain tumor spanish” :

Without doubts you will find more informations in your language and maybe a lot more in spanish.

Please notice :

– I do not recomment to smoke or eat cannabis for curing cancer but to use vaporizing tools instead (like volcano).

– You should not use medical THC but vaporize the whole plant (in grass form is best/healthiest) which contains a lot of molecules (that is a phytotherapy principle).

– Also be careful : cannabis tends to dry you up which can be painful for someone with a cancer and maybe allready treated with chemiotherapy (which is a very dangerous treatment and should be used in very last hope), so remember to drink a lot water.

Now it’s up to you to make your own judgement, to try this out and I hope to get over that tumor.

Best regards