not a cure, a solution

Many people with problems but not so many trying to solve them. Nature has a solution to any problem. Problems can have many forms but that’s irrelevant for the solution to solve them. Homeopathy (homeo – human, pathy – problem) is a cure for those problems but to solve them that its not enough. First you need to know why this occurred, what cause it. It could be the way you think, treat someone or yourself or the way you live in general. When something occurs  it has its reason, remove the reason and the problem will be gone with it. You need to change the way you think because so far this brought you this challenge. Homeopathy only helps to people who actually want to be helped. You need to want this more then everything, accept it deep in your mind, if so then you are half-way done. We, people, come here on earth with a mission, maybe because we made a mistake in our previous life or we saw how other weaker ones are struggling or to open the eyes for those who are “”blind””. Many people instead of trying to work for good karma they make things even worse. Homeopathy will accelerate the process and first you will feel better, then it will become unbearable but if you pass these 2 phases you will vanish all your problems! What ever solution you take it must be general and permanent, because once cured if you go back the your previous life-style, problems will come back as well but this time twice more destructive. To help kill the virus faster simply make juice from carrots and garlic, yes I know it may not sound convincing because of the simplicity of this solution but why it has to be difficult?! In the web-site below there is a link for self-diagnose, be very careful when you answer and keep in mind that aways small things lead to big ones. Know this – you caused the problem and you are the only one who can remove it. What we do to ourselves no one else can! Works both ways.

Have faith in yourself!