To Salvatore Iaconesi:  I am sorry to here of your disease, but we can offer you something that most doctors cannot offer.  We have already brought those with brain cancer back to health.  We don’t talk of cures as the medical establishment hates to hear that anyone can do that kind of thing.  We bring those who are sick back to health regardless of the kind of disease that they have.

Our sacraments, known throughout the grass roots world as MMS has brought thousands back to health in very short  periods of time.  We have 470 Ministers of health in 72 different countries of the world.  They bring health to people and only ask for donations once the person is healthy, thus anyone in the world can afford our services.  We are a non-religious church created to serve mankind.

We have a large retreat in a 5 star hotel high in the mountains.  Our services and our formulas for health are given to you free of charge, however, you must pay for your stay at out retreat which is about $100 US dollars a day.  The hotel has expenses that must be paid, but our services are free and if you wish to donate after you are well or feeling much better, we accept that.  However, hundreds of thousands have elected to take it in their own homes with great results.

Our mineral formula has been known for more than 100 years, but we discovered new uses for it.  This formula enters the human body and does no damage, but kills poisons, all known pathogens, and heavy metals.  At least 10 million people have tried it and hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved.  Our philosophy is to start each person out on such a small dose that it cannot be noticed.  If there was an adverse reaction that would be observed before damage is done, but no damage has yet been recorded and throughout the world there has never been a death recorded as caused by MMS.

There are however those critics who have been paid to lie.  Be aware that possibly one will contact you.  We have remained grass roots to stay out of the clutches of those who would stop this kind of thing.  Many have been stopped.

My name is Jim Humble.  I founded the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing.  Hope you can see your way clear to try our services free of charge just like anyone in the world can do.  And remember there will be those who try to dissuade you for various reasons, so your decision will be critical to life and death for you.  I am sorry it is that way.

I wish you well, as always with love

Archbishop Jim Humble



My name is Michael Harrah and I am a Bishop in the Genesis 2 Church.  Jim Humble sent me this email to send to you because he could not find your email after your video had been brought to his attention.  You can learn more about the Hotel Retreat in Bulgaria that he mentions here

If you would like more information, please contact me.