Hi! My friend from Israel sent me this video!

My name is Beth!

I would love to share my story, in hopes that it would help you!  I just want to make sure you understand that I don’t offer a cure.  But the body, when it is given the right tools, can cure itself of many things!

Okay, first!  my video about how I basically have lost my ms, and 8 pant sizes.! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wO4fdK4i5FU

You see, I challenged the statement “No disease can exist in an alkaline environment… not even cancer”

I said “Cancer? that is a woosy disease!  I know several people who’s doctors  declared them free of cancer from alternative methods… but when have youever heard anyone’s doctor claim them free of multiple sclerosis??”

No offense…. all incurable diseases are horrible.

I found out that, even though we are all different, there are some things that are basically the same, with a few exceptions.  Two eyes, two ears, one nose, two arms, yada yada…  But the list becomes more important.  We are all about 70% water…


Over the past year and a half, I have completely changed my thinking.  What we drink affects us WAAAAAYYY more effectively than what we eat.  That is both on the  positive side (juices vs. a vitamin pill) and the negative (alcohol vs. a brownie)

But the most seemingly safe and fun drink, which is silently doing as much damage to our world’s health because of extreme acidity and that is soda.

There are some very successful people who have riches, but not good health… many of their stories are on http://mywaterzone.com/

I would strongly recommend going to http://www.xoomaeagleteam.com/  use the code “daveswater” , get a $100 pack and then add “extra items” and get some Elagic Acid. https://www.xoomaworldwide.com/backoffice/productsAll.asp?cat=Nutritional  Tommie Weber http://www.chasingmiracles.net/tommie-weber/ has helped many people with extraordinary conditions all over the world… starting with a little sachet of minerals in water…

Anyway, this is not a cure.  But your body is tremendous, whether you believe that God made it or it somehow made itself out of a little pile of goo on the bottom of the ocean.  And I have seen some awesome stuff happen with nearly everyone I introduce this to.

So, I recommend… The X20 to completely replace everything yo drink.  The FocusUp, because your brain is also needing the thinking processes to start healing.  The KardiaXyme, because it is like a supercharger to the whole situation.  and of course, the Elagic Acid.  I know that Tommie Weber would also recommend the Omega 3  and find someone who has essential oils.

No matter what you try, please add the Extreme X20 to what you do… you will never feel so hydrated!

God Bless you… and I will be praying for you!

Beth 😀