Wisely optimistic Greetings and Every Sort of open source beneficence to you, Mr. Iaconesi,

I saw a link to your video posted at Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology. Congratulations on being such a creative part of a thinking and caring community. I send you much gratitude for your work so far.

As you doubtlessly are realizing as time goes by, your brain is the only one that knows the cure it needs and the kind you are looking for. I can only tell you my story about what two brains have done. My brain has been a sort of back-up disc and prompter for my mother’s short- and long-term memory since she had a massively damaging left-hemisphere ischemic stroke in 1996 which left her wordless on the morning after Christmas. We were told and we could see by the looks on the doctors’ faces that her brain was in bad shape, but we did not know until we looked at her medical records many years later that they expected her to die soon, most likely within days or weeks. In retrospect I theorized that in the holiday chaos of disjointed schedules, a Conveyor of Doom either was not appointed or else just forgot to tell us her prognosis, and as days passed the rest of the medical staff assumed we had already been told. She is alive today. Being ignorant of the “expert” medical “fact” that her condition was hopeless, we decided to bring her home after New Year’s Day 1997 to a life as much like usual as possible, and my father hired a speech therapist. Although she never regained her former effortless ease when dealing with abstract concepts such as numbers, my mother regained her ability to converse so well in such detail within 4 months that her astonished therapist could no longer find therapy manuals that were sophisticated enough to challenge her. Three years ago after years of normal, full living, she had a right hemisphere stroke, and on the MRI for it, the left hemisphere damage from her 1996 stroke clearly showed up as very extensive. What she was actually able to do on a day-to-day basis mystified the experts reading that MRI because theoretically she “should” have been able to do very little.

Please know that no matter how smart doctors are, they are only guessing. The applicable quality of their “best guesses” is limited by their ability to access and update their personal collection of memories then selectively apply them along with their variable capacity for paying attention to your body from moment to moment plus their habitual diligence or lack thereof in accurately recording your information for future reference. They are telling you the story about your body that makes sense TO THEM. If it doesn’t make sense TO YOU, don’t mistakenly decide to think that you must be dumber than they are and that Doctor Knows Best. Doctors are your employees. You are not their employee. Your brain is in charge of what is going to happen, and your brain knows best what works for it and how. Perhaps consider cracking the proprietary code of Salvatore Iaconesi’s unique operating system.

If the only good idea you ever had in your life was to open up your neurological data to the worlds of not only Science but of Art, Technology and Everyman, that would make you a brilliant person, but you’ve had lots and lots of good ideas long before this–and implemented those well! In my opinion, it is a misreading of your situation if anyone tells you or implies that you are currently in possession of cerebral “faulty equipment”. The past 16 years with my mother has been an analog and digital university course in expanding my consciousness software to find the byways, backroads and double meanings inside metaphor, recall, problem-solving and personally effective expression. You and your community are likely the recipients of a gift your project-oriented brain is determined to give you: judging by your video, you have already learned a lot. Your story-telling, reality-creating brain being cared about, laughed with, stimulated and treated with knowing, affectionate skepticism as “same old Salvatore” by an appreciative community will get you far down the path toward the life- and world-enhancing cure you seek.

I hope you realize your worldwide community of supporters wishing you well has been growing since Oriana Baldasso posted your video link on my mother’s birthday—-yes, really. I will read more of your data and think about cures and allies for you. Know you are affecting the world in an extraordinarily beneficial way. Here are a few signposts you might contemplate and enjoy as you find and explore cerebral openings that let us all think outside la tribuna.