Re-authoring the Dominant Narrative of Illness: Archive 1

I am writing a short piece for Psychology Today in the US tonight about your website and sending you some art I made with one of the scans from your records. I am an art therapist who believes that the cure is remaining whole, since we cannot ultimately control what happens to our bodies. So I send this piece as a good intention for you to remain whole and thus healed throughout your challenges. Salute and kind regards, Cathy Malchiodi

PS: My family comes from Grondone, south of Bobbio and my aunt lives in Abbiategrasso outside of Milano; Malchiodi is a true surname so supposedly we Malchiodi are from one ancestor [as are we all, right?]

Licensed Professional Art Therapist and Mental Health Counselor

Director and Lead Faculty, Trauma-Informed Practices Institute

Professor, Lesley University Expressive Therapies Graduate Program

Advisory Board, International Child Art Foundation

Advisory Board, Alzheimer Association of America

Syndicated Writer, Psychology Today, The Healing Arts

President/Board of Directors, Art Therapy Without Borders