Photodynamic Therapy

Hi Salvatore,

I am unsure of your tumour type as I can’t seem to find the information on your site.  I am however computer illiterate so this may well be my own fault. 🙂

My partner was diagnosed with grade four glioblastoma in feb 2009 and I wanted to bring your attention to an incredible clinical trial which removed 99% of my partners tumour.  The treatment is called Photodynamic Therapy, the trial is being done by Professor Sam Eljamel, Ninewells Hospital, Scotland. This link will give you his contact details.

This treatment can be done before chemo, radiation and steroids, it involves part removal of the tumour, then Photodynamic therapy to dissolve the remaining tumour tissue.  It has very little, if any side affects and chemo etc can be used afterwards if the treatment doesn’t work for your clinical case.

Unfortunately we found the treatment too late and due to the steroid, chemo and radiation my partner had already been through, the wound on his head failed to heal and he passed away not from the tumour, but from loss of CF from the wound.

I hope this helps and I send you all my blessings and positive energy. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Kindest Regards