Another suggestion

Hi Salvatore,

First of all I think your idea to crowdsource your medical records is great and I believe the example you have set will lead to new ways for individuals to be empowered in tackling personal issues regarding healthcare.

Secondly, I’m a biologist and I’ve been reading about research being conducted towards new ways of treating cancer. I don’t know if you have heard of oncolytic virus therapy but biologists are currently engineering viruses to specifically target cancer cells and I believe it may have some potential. I should add that the results so far are a mixed picture and it is still far from a miracle cure but you may be interested to read more for yourself. Here’s a wiki link with a description to begin with:

I live in Scotland and I know of a company working on this technology in Glasgow. You can read more at their website:

There are many other companies and institutes worldwide working on similiar concepts so I should add that I am not taking the opportunity to advertise this particular company, but rather I mentioned them specifically because the virus they have modified is being developed for cancer of the brain which is in your primary interest.

Anyway I don’t know how much help this will be but what I will say is that although I have not met you in person my thoughts are with you and I wish you all the best towards a full recovery in the future! All the best my friend.