Procedure for rapidly finding cure

Step 1.  Figure out how to grow cancer cells and normal cells

(control) … for example petri dish

Step 2.  There are millions of viruses.  There have been documented

cases of cancer subjects getting sick and subsequently finding their

cancer has vanished.

A drop of sea water will have 10 million virus particles


Step 3.  Start a protocol, hopefully open-source this for running

through viruses to determine which ones kill the cancer cell.  Use a

computer algorithm such as bubble sort to quickly figure out which

virus works…

For example, try millions of viruses and see if the cancer cells die.

Divide the viruses in half try one half and see if that half kills

the cancer cells–see if the normal cells are OK,

Keep dividing until you arrive at a subset that kills the cancer

cells and doesn’t kill normal cells.

Divide these into the most promising viruses.  Look a the viruses

and see which ones “make the most sense”.  I.e. work on similar animal

models, etc.

Step 4.  Infect yourself with a virus that targets the cancer cells in

your body.

Step 5.  Share cure with others.