cancer immunotherapy fund

Hello Salvatore

I read about your website on BBC News – a friend sent me the link. I congratulate you on your brilliant idea. I am a bit depressed as I believe, and  many in the science field believe, that immunotherapy research holds the key to controlling and one day curing a wide range of cancers, but still the profile and funding for immunotherapy is not great – drug based research still gets all the money. There have been huge strides made by some in the field just this past year, like Prof Carl June and Prof Brad Nelson. I have started a charity to try to raise funds and awareness – would you have a look at the research links on my website and my FB page?

Are you on twitter? I am writing an album , written out of a deep depression, and hope to raise funds for the charity through the music. My music is here

Best of luck with everything Salvotore, and if you can help spread the word about immunotherapy that would be great. A Belgian guy, Dr Renier Brentgens, is having some success with brain tumours.