Hi Salvatore Iaconesi

I know nothing of brain cancer but had a very aggressive breast cancer 6 years ago that had spread to underarm glands.  I will briefly tell you my story and the conclusion I drew from it. The chemotherapy only worked when I took 45mg of zinc gluconate plus a multiminteral/vitamin tablet.  I was advised to stop the supplements after the first cycle of chemo which I did but the chemo then didn’t affect the tumour – no shrinkage at all, unlike the first time.  I went back to supplementing and eventually beat most of the cancer – a small amount had to be cut out at the end.

My conclusion: the only thing that beats cancer is your own immune system.  All the drugs etc just assist.  If you support your immune system with appropriate vitamins and minerals, you have a better chance of beating it.  If you have surgery, you immune system is alerted to cancer/germs etc and reacts strongly so this is the most important time to supplement.

I do not know whether this would make any difference to a brain cancer.  I hope you find your cure.