Open source cure

Dear Salvatore,

I have read your news about having brain cancer, and your invitation for cures.

This is not really a cure, but to give you strength.

Just remember that the body is merely a vehicle. As with our cars that go wrong, we exchange them for newer models, in the same way we leave our worn out bodies and will be reborn in newer ones.

You are not your body, you are the driver.

Being born in a body, able to experience this world was a terrific birthday gift.

The opportunity will return.

Whatever happens, you need not have fear.

What happens between lives on earth, that is the mystery and that is where the true knowledge is available to us.

I will be thinking of you and hoping to hear that all has gone well with the operation.

But remember, whatever doctor you see, they will have no cure for being born.

So, just enjoy each day and soak up the sensations of life!

With best wishes,