Sharing DICOM?

Hi Salvatore & team,

A friend just shared your TED talk with me which resulted in my reading more of your blog.  It sounds like Salvatore recently had surgery, I hope he’s on his way to a speedy and healthy recovery.

I’m writing because my mom also has a brain tumor, GBM, and underwent a 2nd surgery in May 2012.  I’m interested in how you’re sharing DICOM images from the MRIs.

I’m hoping to find/create a way to quickly share my mom’s DICOM images with doctors in Pennsylvania, California and Texas.  Snail mail often takes too long.  Something like Dropbox would be great, but it appears not many hospitals allow access to it.   Have you come across any efficient and quick methods to share your DICOM images?

Wishing you all the best with your treatment, a speedy recovery and your continued success in combating brain cancer.

In hope,

Justin son of Barb, 61, GBM 2/11