Support and a fabulous project

Here is one of those people who is just out there woshing you all the best.

I had a best friend die of brain cancer. I adored her. She bred some of the best warmblood sporthorses in the world. Anyhow she was stage four before they found it. I really didn’t want her to leave me.

At any rate I stumbled across your project and thought it amazing. I also stumbled across this link recently and I thought even if you had already heard of this it couldn’t hurt to make sure. I don’t know where it is in testing or anything else.

It is a weird coincidence of things that happened in a lab. It’s occurrence made me very sad since we have the medications (horse wormer, Pancur) in our barns and use them all the time. I don’t know if this has been found out definitively to work or not. It’s worth looking at, I think and since you said anyone should contribute?

Apparently in conjunction with some double dose of several vitamins this wormer stopped development of or/ and killed off brain tumors in mice. This is a drug that is regularly used in humans also to cure worm infections including passing through the blood brain barrier to kill off worms that have encysted in the brain. I am sure your reading comprehension of this will far exceed mine though so I included the links.

I just wish they had this accident a year earlier so my friend could have at least tried. I think they have been using the surgery/chemo/rad without much improvement for years now.

Anyhow best with all this. Know that my thoughts for your cure are here if nothing else.