My open source cure for brain

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I am attaching two files regarding cures for brain cancer. This is my story. 

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ShmúwAL W.


Overcoming Brain Cancer

It began years ago, as do many things, which show up later in your life. Little do we know the e?ects

bruises have upon the psychic and body until, Wham! You are hit hard and cold unexpectantly. In Septembre 2011, my sister saw that I was near a coma, and could not wait for my scheduled MRI appointment in a

few weeks. ?e CAT scan showed a large mass in the brain. An MRI con?rmed a tumor one-fourth the size

of the brain pressed into the mid-line, making it di?cult to maintain body functions. I was weaving when

walking, confused as to the time of night and day, going to places as the wrong time, etc. ?e biopsy con-

?rmed a large b-cell right frontal brain mass, unoperative. I don’t know any cases of brain cancer that are

given much hope, and there was only the hope in my heart. Some of my friends and business associates have

told me that they did not expect me to live, and people I met today heard that I had died.

I went home until the next appointment with the appointed oncologist, Dr. Nattam. In the morning, I

woke myself singing, aloud, the words in the scroll of SepherMaoshahBeRashshith/Genesis 1:3: YæHHiAúwer—YæHH is my LIGHT, the same is my LIFE. I understood that what would be in the days to come

would be determined by the LIFE-FORCE within me. Everything would be subject to Y’HH. I was scheduled for 5 rounds of chemo, then later two additional rounds—a total seven gruelling weeks over a period of

four months.

My children rallied to my side and carried me to and fro. ?eir love gave me strength and courage. After

I had started chemo, I was home o? and on, when a friend who had attended some of my Torah classes

heard I was ill and stopped for a visit. Sharon (Shaul-AL) recommended alfa PXP Royale, a purple rice supplement. ?e colour, purple, the Seventh Ray, was at the beginning of this saga that ultimately lead to encounters with the Seven Masters of Light, although I had not considered this association until writing this

review. I recall the night before, while in the oncology ward, a purple, radiant glass-like shield appeared over

my head where the tumor had presented. Shaul-AL continued to stay in-touch and o?ered many recommendations she was learning. One of those recommendations was the use of the YoungLiving essential oil of

frankincense which is able to penetrate the blood brain barrier. Another friend, Rachænni heard about the

use of organic sulphur which I started using twice daily; and many others recommended sodium bicarbonate. Dr. Romero, formerly of Sloan-Kettering, advised to listen to Mozart, which I play nightly while I slept

as well as in the day. I read of the work of an Italian oncologist who used sodium bicarbonate IV’s as a cure,

which I shared with my oncologist, who ordered its use prior to and during chemotherapy infusions. One

day, a friend, Shelachti, played her tuning-forks over my head, and I saw the tumor being washed away from

the brain as water (Tehillah/Psalm 58:8). ?ere was a desire to get on a trampoline and jump, exercise, so I did.

?e nurses said they often could not ?nd me in my room, as I was out walking with an IV pole, or when

given a break from the lines to shower, I ran the stairs at the hospital.

I later learned that chemo helps destroy cancer cells but also makes cancer cells resistance, causing t


to form a barrier to chemo. Moreover, chemo destroys the immune system which is our defense. ?e molecular structure of chemo is too large to pass through the blood brain barrier, thus it is restricted; whereas, essential oils are able to glide through the barrier without resistance. After chemotherapy, oncologist doctors

recommended radiation. After due consideration with my children, I walked away from this option. Even if i

agreed to the treatments they did not feel that it would cure the cancer, only prolong my days, and because it

was whole brain radiation it would e?ect my mental capabilities. ?us, I may have been a boat anchor for

others. Rather, the song, Y’HH would be my wings and destiny of healing the servant mind. As the brain

cares for the body, the body members within would rally their strength to heal their leader.

Overcoming Brain Cancer Page 1Instead of radiation I researched holistic clinics and decided to go to Germany. I went to Hufeland

Klinik in Bad Mergentheim. I planned to undergo hyperthermia there; however, Dr. May did not agree with

that procedure as it may cause more edema; hence, he recommended Weihruach/frankincense, colour therapy, ozone-blood IV’s, HiTop ultrasound therapy, pascorbin IV’s with German products: coenzyme, ubichinon, and B6 Hevert, with infusions of Mannitol 10%, and 1-2 hours of daily exercise. With a vegan,

sugar-free diet, daily in-take of ?ora, and a list of antioxidants, an agenda of supplements and exercise were

employed. Amalgams in the teeth were removed. Follow-up treatments of Mannitol, pascorbin, and mitochondria activations by HiTop are continued at home. A list of supplements is posted on-line from Hufeland. Recommended books by Dr. Bernie Siegel and Dr. Carl Simonton contributed to developing hope and

perspectives in dealing with cancers. Deepak Chopra’s, “Journey into Healing,” book played on my IPod.

During the course of days, the song I heard at the beginning kept playing through me. It was like the

song had wings which carried me from day to day, level to level, unto coming to HhaHAR/rhh/?e Mountain of Y’HH/hy—a realization of the Words I kept singing. I became cognizant that the Mountain is our

origin. At these slopes we ful?ll our days in the Light of the Seven Rays of the Masters of Illumination. During the days at the hospital, at the klinik, and at home, the thoughts of Y’HH as my Life Source prevailed as

I performed the evening and morning oylut/o?erings. Making the oylah/ascension of the evenings and

mornings arranges and unites your inward parts through which you derive strength to persevere (TeúwratHhaKuwáhnim/Lev 1:.8-9, 12). ?e agreement of your parts, as they are paired one to another, enables you to rise

above the sentient world (SepherMaoshahBeRashshith/Gen 15:10). Line by line thoughts ?owed from my ?ngers

during the ascensions. ?ese lines are for the most part assembled in a document, YæHH 15 (Yah/Jah), 10.5

Edition, ?e Fathers of Fire, posted at, under the clay tablet icon (attached edition includes

formularies of Numbers and Names of Yæhh as well as the song). Each line of the document lifted me above

the illness I was passing through. Within these pages are diagrams in Paleo Hebrew/English that pertain to

our Collective anatomical structure which de?nes and articulates our inner Life Force. I continue to glean

from this information to comprehend how that in the ?ngers and the toes lies the cause of vitalities/diseases

that appear in the body. ?e sides of the brain are a?ected by the kingdoms of Oaúwg/Og and Beval/Babel

in the left and right big toes respectfully. When the sides are not in agreement, one side is ?ghting the other;

literally, whereby an illness may appear. ?e spaces in our bodies are reserved for Light; when other toxic

thoughts assemble, there is disease. As your sides are in agreement, there is vitality. ?is involves the sub-conscious and conscious levels. During treatment I seen that I had gone o?-course, creating a path to the left,

and I was to return to the path of my Life. As I came to the main course/orbit of the Light of my Life, the

road on the left vanished! Emotional scars, e.g. from being hit in the head as a teenager (at the same place of

the biopsy), surfaced and were dismissed through anointings and words of a?rmations by MahælelAL and

BodyTalk sessions by ALyina.

Prior to the diagnosis, the parable of Yunah/Jonah kept playing through my mind. During the days of

treatment, it was as if I was in the bottom of the deep to be brought to another land—state of consciousness

and awareness. Many thoughts and prayers of family and friends, to a?rm, renounce, and sustain have contributed to my recovery and the Understanding of Life that continues to emerge into a newness of vitality, as

new stalks rise from former abandoned states of illness.



Ten Tipsfor Healing

by a patient of Brain Cancer PSNCL

Things I learn

“Health is inner joyfulness.”

“No one has ever proved that sickness is necessary.”

Deepak Chopra, M.D.

“Yæhh is Light and my Salvation”

Tehillah/Psalm 27:1

1. Think about who you are. Why you are in your body? Perform your

purpose of being! Bring forth the fruit of your spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. In so

doing, no violations are created in mind, soul, or body. Practice bearing

the fruit of your Life. A?rm the internal structure of Light to have dominion over the body and its states—conditions. Know the Life in you as

your Healer, as the Life in a tree heals its wounded branches. Cancer cells

are weak in that they are disorganized and not part of the collective wholeness of Life; the organization of your Life is greater than division.

2. Con?rm the associations of your parts to keep you members as one

?ock under your Shepherd. Derive strength from your inward pairs of Life

to increase your cellular structure and guard against foreign intrusions.

?e 6 pairs of your soul body are: lungs and eyes; stomach and ears;

mouth and heart; gamete and the mind’s state of origin; ovaries/testicles

and the adrenal systems; and the reproductive vessels connected to the

liver/kidneys. ?e later pair operates as the government of your soul body.

Behold your body in a mirror. Love it. Treat it kindly. Your body is your

faithful companion. Befriend your body so that it is on-your-side. Drybrush your body daily in the direction of the heart. Shower in hot, then

cold water. Focus on the inherent harmony with the nerves and bones, the

unity of the body tissues and brain. Put your members to work to express

your collective well-being.

3. Laugh-o? fear. Focus on what brings joy—the initial gifts of love.

Health is inner joyfulness! Joy is the reason to do anything; if what you are

doing is not for or of joy, why not? When you cry, think of joy that comes

as you let your emotions ?y to the wind. Tears wash the eyes to see further

and clearer. When anything disturbing presents itself, laugh at it instead of  internalizing it. e.g. Go to a laugh-yoga class.

4. Be thankful; it stimulates peace and healing. Reduce con?icts and issues

of separations. Write statements of thanksgiving. Fill a legal notebook

sheet daily with notes of thanks. You gain strength and healing in the

process. Be thankful for family, friends, colors, fragrances, visions, states of

residences, etc.. Keep you mind above the sentient world. ?e strength of

gratitude ?ows through your ?ngers as your words are inscribed.

5. Engage the healing properties of the sun. Be in sunshine for 30-60 min.

daily. Absorb the healing rays to penetrate into your inner and outer nature. Pray to your Father, Yæhh. Ask with expectations for the Light to

guide you.

6. Say, “No,” to sugars, gmo’s, and unwholesome ingredients. Eat organic,

vegan, whole foods, as Light makes them! Tell your blood system not to

feed anything in you that is not of your natural divine order. e.g. Stop your

?ow of blood to feed cancer cells.

7. Build the Immune System—your Rock of Defense. Maintain an alkaline body state. EnJOY “raw” food which contains living enzymes and nutrition. Eat with thanksgiving. Food is a storehouse of the Lights of the

heavens and the waters of the earth. Living foods weave healing energies

into the fabric of your body. Grow greens, herbs, trees, inside and outside

your house. Prepare herbal remedies; buy bulk; grind herbs into powder

instead of capsules; avoid unnecessary packaging. Gather rose-hips for Vitamin C, use 2-3000mg Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C. Some therapies include

Weihruach/Boswellia sacra Young Living oil/12 dropsx2, or

powder/450mgx2, and anti-oxidants: Vit D3/1-2000iu, Vit. E/450mg,

Vit. A/30000iu, and Zinc/20-50mg, using supplements for six days andpausing on sabbath. Use a calcium/600mg magnesium/300mcg supplement with an evening meal. Take selenium and organic sulphur at di?erent times than when you take Vit. C. Before retiring take a glass of water and Zeolith. Detox your body with vegan green food drinks, water, and exercise. Enjoy fresh organic berries! Chlorella boosts oxygen in cells and increases the ph level as well as increases energy and improves digestion. Walk an hour daily at a quick pace, or engage in forms of recreations/physical exercise. Be patient! If you are weak; small e?orts increase your strength. Do not give-up! (A more complete list of supplements and protocols are listed under “the dove icon” at Overcoming PCNSL: Primary Non-Hodgkins Central Nervous System Lymphoma).

8. Keep growing; keep giving. You are not as yesterday. As you change,

your body is not as it was when you became ill. Do not accept reversals or

reoccurring dis-ease. What you are today does not carry over what you

were or happened yesterday.

9. “Study” body and mind connections. Consult stories of people who

overcome illnesses. Your Mind is the greatest resource to diagnose what is

happening inside your body. In that your body is created by your Head,

you have intimate access to all within you. No doctor knows exactly what

is going on within your 50-70 trillion cells like your Mind. Visually scan

the twelve rooms of your body. Get second opinions from practitioners.

Follow through to learn consequences of treatments. Consider advice as a

gift use it to ?t your situation. Don’t fall into the trap of statistics. YOU

were not factored into any statistics that you read about! Realize that you

are a unique case. Your healing is coming from your Life Source, uniquely.

Don’t limit your experiences of healing to how others recovered.

10. Listen to Mozart. Let classical music play over you like waves of  the sea wash the shore. Music sorts through the cells and realigns them intoharmonies. Extend your inner harmony to areas disturbed! Respect the Life in all other species, as each has their body for Joy. Find the treasure within everything. Resolve known con?icts. Meditate to give rise to concealed, “unknown” con?icts. Maintain thoughts above the sentient world. Numbers, Parables, Teachings of Light, the Nine unleavened breads, colors, smiles, and fragrances are amongst the highest frequencies that the world cannot corrupt. Consider Body-Talk. Participate in a “support group” and to be a support. Rest. Seek unity with yourself and all others.


Chi Machine; The SUN ANCON Hothouse far infrared;

BioMat Far Infrared Rays through a matrix of amethyst crystals; a mini trampoline for exercising;

Supreme Master Ching Hai;

Dr. Deepak Chopra M.D., audiobook, Journey into Healing;

The Tehillim/Psalms, Tehillah 41;

Alfa PXP supplements;

writings of Bernie S. Siegel, MD; O. Carl Simonton, MD;;

YæHH 15 (Yah/Jah), 10.5 Edition, The Fathers of Fire

under the clay jar icon.

Special thanks to my children who stood-up beside me and carried me to and fro; my family, sister, brothers, and friends who

proved that they are such; the boldness of the Holy Ghost to

laugh in the midst of fear; for songs and music of the heavens

that harmonize in earth; Fort Wayne Oncology Staff—their

hopes, aspirations, and research; nurses at Parkview Hospital

who exercise watchful eyes without complaining; Hufeland Klinik,

Society of Leukemia and Lymphoma, First Connections, Cancer

Services of NE Indiana, Cancer Care, and many other organizations who provide an outstretched hand of love;


Sharon Blake, RN;

Dr. Marvin Dziabis, MD; Health Restoration Clinic, with a mission

to overturn illnesses, 260.982.1400/;

Diane Henry, Cancer Coach/Raw Food Chef and Instructor;

ALyina Judy Nies, BodyTalk;

and for the prayers of faith, those uttered with evidence in their

Eyes unto total restoration;

unseen angels and guides who stand with us day by day.

All things are possible

with Gratitude