I helped my Mother handle her brain cancer.   She passed away from a seizure brought on by the brain biopsy – even though we had stopped the tumor growth from a regime of drinking a tea made from tumeric (curcumin) root (slice fresh root, boil water, and toss it in and let it steep for about ten minutes), we also used my community mushrooms that contained astra bacilia and did a ketogenic diet.   Here is a listing of everything we tried with her and what worked and what didn’t.

This electrical signal cap designed by a firm in Boston works well for stopping the growth of brain cancer cells.  Here is a post I did on it – if you’d like I can dig up the contacts for the people who run this program in Boston.

You have a ton of information on your site – from what I can tell your tumor is no longer growing.   From what I saw with my Mom – she was fine before the biopsy – after the biopsy – not fine and it started her decline.   Avoid the biopsy or surgery at all costs – from what I’ve seen – it won’t help and it could kill you