I saw your story.   I recently watched a TV show were they featured a new cutting-edge cancer treatment called Snapshot.   It involves obtaining DNA from the cancer cell, then creating a custom medication that is personalized to your particular type of cancer.  Because it is customized to the DNA of the cancer the medication will focus on the cancer and ignore the non-cancerous tissue in your body.  This sounds preferable to the older treatments like chemotherapy where the medication kills cells all over the body, or radiation which is like shooting a laser beam and can’t distinguish between healthy or cancerous material.

The doctor’s name is John Iafrate, who works at Massachusetts General Hospital.   If this sounds interesting, you can contact him or his partner Dr. Cahill at (617) 724-0884.

I am not affiliated in any way with the doctors.  I just heard your story and if I had cancer, this would be one of the options I would explore.

The best of luck getting healthy again.