the real cause

If Salvatore has not spoken to anyone familiar with GNM -German New medicine and had  CT scan read – regardless of , if he has had any surgery – he needs to – I am not a professional scan reader but know enough that the relays in the  brain particularly the scans showing a ” glowing ” shape in the top right ( is not a brain tum our)  – BUT is corresponding to a particular life conflict active or resolution phaseand without being an expert –  I think it corresponds to either a thumb nose or face ( bone conflict ) that may have physically manifested or is laying dormant- If  that make sense or even if it does not  its important to find a GNM practitioner – Ilsedora laker in Toronto Canada is one such person and get a proper read on the ct’s that He will not get that CT read  from a Medical Doctor .. NO SURGERY IS NECESSARY