a story

Wow, what a stupendous idea is TED! In less than 1000 characters, here is my story. I had Grade 1 oligodendroglioma (marvelous word!) in the right temporal. I was 17; it was 1988. Brain science is far advanced today compared to then. It is unlikely that I have new treatments to share, but I am happy to tell you what I did then and what I do now, and my experiences over the last 24 years. I can tell you that before my diagnosis I was an artist and it came easy to me, and that after surgery it was less easy. This has been the most difficult part of my journey. As my tumor grew, while my brain was “ill”, art became a passion and a free-flowing process that fell easily from my fingers. At the same time, math became very difficult, whereas before it was easy. I am getting back to b oth with practice (until now I have been lazy). As for the brain being ill, it will now always be so for you and I. I believe the brain adapts, though, and I believe that I am proof. I am here. 🙂