Seaweed and hyperbaric therapy

My research in this area is currently speculative, but I believe that the halogenated acetates that are bioavailable in seaweeds(Dichloro- Dibromo- and Diiodo-), in combination with hyperbaric oxygen therapy may present a viable means for treating cancer non-invasively.

DCA has already been demonstrated to possess anti-cancer activity, yet fails to demonstrate the effect on hypoxic tissues often associated with large tumors. DCA has also been shown to possess cytoprotective characteristics, which enable cells to survive longer in both hypoxic conditions and the cytotoxic environments created by traditional chemotherapy.

DCA is currently classified as xenobiotic, but its bioavailability in asparagopsis taxiformis, an edible seaweed, has demonstrated that it is actually a naturally occuring substance available in the food chain.

Sea life also has a natural ability to oxygenate hypoxic tissues thats created by their environment. Simply diving to deeper pressures allows oxygen to dissolve directly into tissues, bypassing the need to be carried by hemoglobin.

To replicate this effect in humans, a combination of DCA, DBrA, DIA and several hyperbaric oxygen treatments should suffice. Alternatively, take up scuba diving and start eating seaweed.

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I hope you get well.