targeted VSV (vesicular stomatitis virus) glioma therapy

I applaud your work in taking ownership of your disease outcomes and advancing medicine through your recovery.  I also apologize for no proficiency in Italian.  I have a Masters Degree in Public Health and a slight background in genetics and I currently work in reforming the healthcare system in the US.   I believe you are taking the right approach with monitoring and preparing for a “pre-surgery” before your surgery if needed.   I also believe that an increase in fruit and vegetable intake and a positive attitude (decreasing stress) goes really far in slowing cancer growth.

Should this course you are on fail, please consider a targeted oncolytic therapy involving attenuated viruses.  These viruses can be targeted to only attack cancer cells because of their altered production of interleukins compared to normal cells.   This type of treatment is still in the experimental testing phase at many of the best clinics in the US but shows promise when combined with a short course of imunnosuppressants.   One type of virus that appears to work best against gliomas is VSV, a cousin of rabies, that causes no clinical disease in humans.   The basis of its action is portrayed with much dramatization in the movie I Am Legend.  In fact, it is a very promising therapy in its infancy with varying degrees of success but absolutely no side effects on the scale of normal chemo and radiation therapies.  Next generation therapies are also in the works that not only kill cancerous cells directly via the virus but also implant immune system signaling molecules in the tumor.  Please shoot me a message if you are interested in the sites that are currently conducting these trials.