methods to investigate

Proton Beam

I would investigate proton beam therapy (non-radiation approach) as its said to be

far more precise than normal radiation route in late-stage gliomas.

Telomerase therapies

Also I would investigate anything that is based on telomere therapy as

they are the key genetic component (either telomerase or ALT) in ALL (literally ALL)

cancers but I’m not sure how effective it is against late stage gliomas.

Bee Venom is Tumorcidal

Another interesting route are nanobees with their potent Melittin.

Bees are trans-historically known to be the finest and first medical

substance-producers through their honey with recent discoveries pointing toward venom too.

So I think bees offer a animal-evolved option for defense given they are one of the oldest

living species on the planet ~100M PLUS years old.

(History of the Bees)

Innate Immunological Resources

Personally I would also start eating PURELY nutritious (organic)

foods espcielaly veggies and fruits. The more nutrients you get your body the

more your immune system can better maintain a fight against cancer.

Your immune system, while it may have seemed to have failed you thus far,

with some resources and optimization is the best candidate to resume and

win the fight next to surgical extraction which is risky for many reasons.

Oxygen as Immunity Fuel

Last but not least Paranayama from the Yogic tradition is VERY beneficial

even though it wouldn’t seem that simply breathing right would change your

physiology / immunity. It does so, I believe by bringing abundant oxygen

deeper into your body and building on inner awareness. Oxygen is

Cancers #1 enemy along with your own immune system. I believe

chemotherapeutic routes, like Gershon therapy warns, are very dangerous

and harmful to immunity — so you largely are on deleterious ‘life support’ rather than

relying on your own ‘evolved’ systems to perform the same organic repair work.

Telomere Evolution == Species

Your immune system comes builtin with many types of cancer-eliminating

mechanisms designed specifically to attack and remove benign or

carcinogenic tumor-forming eukaryotic cells.  The problem is when

these ‘bad cells’ group, they get what you call ‘biofilm immunity’ similar

to quorum-sense-defeating (immunity overriding) bacterial biofilms that

can like Cancer very quickly turn quite scary and begin destroying flesh/limbs

unchecked by conscious drug and septic attempts at removal.

Since your a developer, like myself, think of films or ‘tumors’ as bad cells that have

effectively meshed or grouped into a potent p2p networks that shares

their own recently-experimented evolutionary-selected success data

among cancer/bacterial cells so they (biofilm/tumor mass) assimilate mutations

that survive your immune system’s reach. And remember bacterial and tumor cells

evolve and divide at a faster rate than normal cells hence why they

get an upper evolutionary hand over your more important life.

Origins of Immortality

Life in the earliest stages of ALL life evolution (1-2 billion years ago) was immortal.

However it is believed that these cells didn’t mutate much or virtually at all back then..

therefore like Cancer early life was able to live on unchecked.  That changed with

the emergence of archae, plants, and animals and the utilization of telomere bits

at the ends of all DNA. Anyways, fascinating stuff.

Doping Example

Look at Lance Armstrong — he survived.. why?  Well, why I wasnt’ there

through his fight but recently it has been revealed that he was doping.

Well what is doping exactly? Doping is something that is also given

to chemo patients to help their blood ‘hold on to oxygen’ longer basically.

So doping and oxygen connection are ALSO interesting.

Tree of Life in Real Life

I just remembered the guy who discovered DNA is also spearheading

Cancer research. He’s like 90! wow. Anyways.. his theories and observations

are similar to many dismayed with Cancer’s cure elusiveness. He believes

hyper-compassionate and misguided governments are impeding the cure’s

discovery. He, like myself, believes the cure is most likely going to be

rooted in a telomere-based therapy FYI .. so he’s doing that type of



Also interesting are oncocyclic viruses. And things like telomerase inhibitor GRN163L.

Or this guy who in my opinion is like the real life person the movie Tree of Life

was based on.

Best of luck in your fight for life and discovering a path of truth.

I admire all those who without a choice are forced into this fight — especially

when they make that fight public and not something they do vainly in private.

You are setting an example the medical and science communities could glean a lesson or two from.