a new approach for cancer cure

I am ******, MD, PhD. My area of expertise is essential fats and fatty acids. Omega-3s, omega-6, etc. I invented technology to accurately measure fatty acids. I discovered that in developed societies, people eat too many processed fats and not enough essential fats in their natural molecular shape (configuration).

My work is referred in published scientific journals and news media. Do a search for **** and Fatty Acids.

The mixture of fats in the body is a key factor in most biochemical processes and membrane function. Immunity. Cancer growth. Fatty acids are primary determinants of the growth of tumors.

According to my research, HUGE changes in fatty acid composition could inhibit (deter) tumor growth.

The approach for an “open cure” can be counterproductive due to information overload. With too much information, too many communications, the odds are very high that the most valuable information will be lost.

It is also extremely difficult to evaluate the validity (value) of information.

Some people recommend the use of antioxidants or large doses of vitamins, minerals, other supplements. I disagree. The destruction of the tumor is an oxidation process. If the body has high antioxidants, it may be protecting the tumor from destruction by the body defenses. That is why I recommended against large doses of Vitamin E and other antioxidants, and why the clinical trials do not show effectiveness.

Instead, I have a different approach that may accomplish these purposes:

Create conditions that make the tumor unstable. That makes it easier for the body and chemicals to destroy the tumor.

Create conditions that kill the tumor. Deprive the tumor of nutrients and other chemicals it needs to survive.

My proposal involves:

surgery to remove the larger portions of the tumor.

multidimensional (meaning many different variables affected concurrently, or many different specific therapies) biochemical therapy to reduce tumor life span, reduce growth, and increase its weakness, make it less able to resist attack by body defenses.

This approach requires a specific set of treatments which I would like to patent and keep secret.

Open source is good, but people with the best ideas may want to patent them and keep them secret.

If you are interested, please contact me via private email or phone.