responding to cancer

I admire your collaborative, global approach to the tumor diagnosis.

My late husband experienced Glioblastoma Multiforme for two years and passed away on July 1, 2009.

As marriage educators and spouses, with a learning-in-action mindset, with a strong spiritual base combined with respect for traditional medicine, we developed an approach to the diagnosis that Craig called “fact-based and spirit-guided”. Before he passed, I wrote up the approach in a book entitled “Empowered Healing, Creating Quality of Life While Journeying with Cancer”. It was in part inspired by and is endorsed by Dr. Bernie Siegel (author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles, who uses the term you are exemplifying – “respant” – responsible participant instead of “patient”). Empowered Healing includes traditional medicine, alternative healing, prayer, the arts, character transformation, and more.


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