Honey (Mellinol Extract)

I wish you had a chance to meet my sister-in-law. She has lost her fight against the deadliest brain tumor known to science. She was only 19 years old. She was truly a special soul. There is not even one day that passes without me thinking about her in some way. She was diagnosed with a 4th Grade Glioblastoma. Statistically only 1 in 100,000 people got it. The odds of survival were 0%. It came very suddenly. And by the time we found out about her condition; it has already grown to 4  x 3.9 x 4.3 centimeters in size and the doctors gave her 2 weeks to live (maximum).


Incidentally, I was working at the time as an investment banker for a company that hired us to raise capital to expand and to further their findings to actual clinical studies.


We took the risk and began treating her with Mellinol Shots (I am including here some files for your information).  It is basically a very concentrated honey extract developed as in the Former Soviet Union as a military grade Immune System Enhancer as a contingency in the event of a nuclear biological war. The production cycle took billions of dollars to develop and the company was understandably a government owned entity. A close friend of mine has privatized it since and spend tens of millions of his own money to further the findings.


In very basic terms (its actually much more complicated, sophisticated, and multifaceted) they took one kilogram of honey purified it (through still patented and classified methodologies) until about 1 gram of it was left. Then that one gram was delivered as a shot to the bottocks. She was getting 1 shot every other day.


I am not a liberty to discuss more on the matter as it is a live company with confidential findings. But my sister-in-law lived another full year. That’s months more than the 2 weeks her doctors gave her. The Tumor actually stopped growing. She was never in pain until her last day. She was full of life to the last second. We all though we won. But she eventually succumbed to a lung failure as the tumor very minutely invaded the part of the brain that controlled her respiratory system. Who knows had it been Grade 1-3 we may have succeeded.


What a loss. She really was something !!!


As far as you my friend. Please fight on. No – not please, you must fight on. Never surrender. It is not your time yet.