Limu cure

My husband was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with pancreatic and kidney cancer.  He flew to Mexico City for a second opinion and was operated on last week. His kidney was removed but not the pancreas.  The doctors want to shrink the tumor on the pancreas with radiation. Before the surgery we were not able to acquire his cat scan films and I spent 24 frustrating hours attempting to either have the hospital in Texas send the pictures to Mexico City or give me the film and let me FedEX.  Despite the fact that my husband owned the film (he paid cash), they would not give his wife (me) the pictures because he had not signed a release. I had to get his attorney involved. Insanity! and then they finally gave me the film but it was too late.  My husband had already had the pictures taken again and so additional expense. We are very angry. We do not have socialized medicine in the US and the expense for tests without insurance is prohibitive.

Salvatore, I am with you in spirit and cannot thank you enough for what you have begun with your website and your beautiful mind.  Has anyone suggested or told you about fucoidan?  It is a seaweed extract and is contained in Limu which can be purchased online.  I know people who have taken it and increased their bodies anti-inflammatory response.  You can also reseach it on Harvard has conducted many studies on fucoidan.  I am going to take some to my husband in Mexico.  I will let you know how it works for him.  After 30 sessions of chemo, he will have the pancreas tumor removed.

I send you love and prayers for your complete cure.  Bless you dear friend,