boston terrier

I came across your article on CNN and am amazed with your novel approach to treating this disease. I am hoping your open-source approach will revolutionize the field of medicine.

This past Spring, our Boston Terrier, ****,  was diagnosed with a stage 4 Glioma brain tumor. We entered her in an experimental treatment program at the University of Minnesota Veterinary school. The school has partnered with human neurosurgeons to treat both dogs and humans. They have had some promising successes in both canines and humans. The typical trial involves surgical removal of the tumor and then treatment with either gene therapies or vaccine therapies that are tailored to the particular tumor.

I encourage you to look into their site below if you have not already heard of them. Their staff is exceptional and and very responsive even given the long distance between us (we live in Virginia).

Unfortunately for Chloe her tumor was so aggressive that it returned after the surgery and she passed away in July of this year. Her quality of life from the day after her surgery in March to her final day in July was incredible and free of suffering. We were so fortunate to have that time with her.

Wishing you the best in your fight against cancer. Sending positive thoughts your way through these difficult times.