Here I am in Toronto on the subway reading the “Metro” news paper and your outreach has inspired me. You are shifting the medical and social paradigms from an individual, secretive, professionalized experience to a community, tribal like forum. I’m not one to participate with social media, but I like to surround myself with like minded people.  I do agree this is a good use of technology.

In just a few weeks the leaves on the trees here start to turn beautiful colours, reds, oranges, yellows.  The leaves start to fall off. One leaf can travel to a group of kids that build a pile to jump in and then be carried by the wind in front of a home where an elderly person sits and watches as twists in to the road where it lands on a car of someone rushing to work.  The leaf falls off the car and sticks to the bottom of someone going on the bus.  This leaf will see and touch more before the snow falls then some of us.

Thank-you for touching me, hope you like my leaf

ps hey i just did something 🙂

pss my parents were born in Sicily, Pachino I have been to Italy and I will go again -soon I hope

food for the soul,

love and craziness