My mo was dx with stage 4 glioblastoma at age 73. She had to reductions within 4 months and then had 4 txs of Avastin in a clinical trial. It’s been 4 years and she is ca free. There is a caveat, however, with each avastin tx she lost significant functioning and I forced my family to stop the treatments and pull her from the trial. Her depression and cognitive functioning is not well managed because no one will listen to social work knowledge, she should be on an invigorating anti depressant not the sedating one she is on and should be on ADHD stimulants as well and she might be more grounded in reality and awake for more than a few hours a day. My family keeps her at home with a home attendant so she has no external stimulation other than the tv another big mistake and an enormous contribution to her reduced functioning. The moral of the story is that Avastin works to illuminate tumors! She will not die from her tumors! You are much younger, and smarter than she was at dx and might have a better outcome with Avastin and supporting medications. Avastin is worth a trail if you can find a trial. Just have a safety net of anti depressants and stimulants underneath, and lots of OT and PT and keep active and social. It could be the only difference between her outcome and a cure!

Good luck