My son was cured of a low-grade glioma by Burzynski in the 90’s. In the process which spanned more than a decade, I was honored to review the results of Burzynski’s clinical trials and meet many of the participants and survivors. I can attest to the sensibility of his treatment for low-grade glioma (non-toxic, high percentage of cures). If you want to get the right treatment, the first person to go to for brain cancer in the world would be Burzynski. Watch the documentary they did on him to see how his cure has been suppressed by the FDA.


Since that time, I have been doing much research on health for various reasons. You can start some things right away that will likely melt your tumor quickly. First, start your treatment with high-dose vitamin C following this advice:

This Nobel Laureate tried to educate us but was marginalized:

Cathcart read Pauling’s material and quantified how much you need to take for any situation:



Every human should take much higher doses of vitamin C, all day long. For me, if I take 7gms, my gut absorbs it without issue, 8 gms starts to exceed my gut saturation level. I will take 7 gms 3 times per day minimum. If I have any symptoms (viral, aches, etc.) I take 7 gms more often, sometimes exceeding 100 gms in a day if I have viral symptoms or work hard physically. All animals make vitamin C in response to stress. Your brain is currently under a lot of stress, so your gut will likely absorb a lot of vitamin C. Figure out the maximum you can take without gut saturation issues. Then take that as frequently as you can to consume somewhere between 20-200gms in a day.

I would also look into the bicarbonate of soda treatment offered in your country. That treatment makes a lot of sense.

Optimize your health as follows:

-Just below gut tolerance vitamin C daily, as frequently as you can throughout the day.

-Eliminate all grains and grain oils from your diet.

-Drink lots of raw milk and fermented milk products (sour cream, raw sour milk, etc.) to get the cultures and enzymes needed for optimal health.

-Eat lots of saturated fat (beef, pork, raw cream, butter, sour cream, etc.) 

-Diet should consist of meat, fats, and salad vegetables and root vegetables.

Also, note that neurons begin regenerating only if they have enough oxygen. Therefore the claims of the hyperbaric oxygen advocates are valid and proven. That would be a treatment to look into after your tumor is cured.

There you are.