i can assist in healing yourself

 can assist you in curing yourself:

Here is a brief history of my cures. I was blind at age 11 and cured myself. I lost the use of my legs as a young man and cured myself. I had an incurable disease and healed myself.

A 92 year-old Buddhist monk and I have been doing things outside contemporary procedures. He taught me what he knew and I realized it was an exchange. They work, I would not say this unless I tried it on myself first.

First I can only explain the healing process in your case as energy of green light emanating through my mind on the tumor, The cells of the tumor have been affected by a bacteria/virus that has altered their genetic code. They have forgotten how to die.This light can combine with your healing process.

If I may, my subjects assigned by the monk have all survived for those with a will to live. He and I had a discussion about blood and focus. We did not disagree, he had simply not considered my next application.

He has trouble healing himself with the concentration of energy from the power of the mind he can focus on others with success. He commented on my ability to heal myself. He asked me to heal him. His melanoma disappeared after our combined concentration. I did not heal him we healed him. Understand this I can boost your healing process. Sometimes instantly, as was one of the procedures on myself. I was scheduled for surgery and I healed myself with the help of a small group of women and I asked them to x-ray me again and the cause for the surgery was gone.  Logic would then dictate the next step would be injecting my blood into an afflicted subject.

Fortunately a nurse reminded me that my blood type is compatible on any person.

So I offer my blood for an infusion and need a day or two to prepare your mind so that the two of us can coordinate the 5 minute procedure. You need never meet me. I simply require you and I to pick a synchronous 5 minute period for 3 days. The blood which I would attempt to (supercharge) is not necessary but this opportunity would assist in my education.

It would probably be best not to show my email address.

Your opensource method has been someting I have promoted for many years. The cure is ourselves or in better words… We are the Cure.