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I just learned of your opportunity to triumph over cancer.  You need to check out   If anything/one can cure your cancer its Mr.Ed Skilling and his Photon Genius.  Just check out the site, Go to Arizona, find someone with one in your area or buy a unit and start your new direction towards complete healing.  Healing on every level  Mind, Body and  Soul.    My husband and I are in the process of purchasing one to help the people in our community.  I have included info from a recent email from the company  We wish you a good healthy long life.  Here’s to the future and everyones good health.

Steve and Rosemary Graham,

The Photon-Genius:

The Photon-Genius debuted in December 2009 at the A4M Anti-Aging Conference in Las Vegas and was recognized by all as a major breakthrough in total body conditioning and rejuvenation. Since then, individuals, businesses, and health practitioners (all modalities) are installing the Photon-Genius and are realizing “noticeable” results and improved quality of life. (Videos available here:

The Photon-Genius is the first instrument in the world utilizing the historic genius of Ed Skilling with the sophisticated, proprietary circuitry to generate the Genius dynamics of photon-genetic energy, life-force energy transmission, harmonic frequency noble gas tube technology, and harmonic infrared energy transmission to communicate with all the cells of the body to balance and enliven all systems and organs of the body.

The Photon-Genius is a dynamic energy sauna and electron bath that provides more direct and targeted harmonic infrared energy than any sauna in the world, providing a powerful detox and balancing effect, as well as increasing the body’s production of nitric oxide. It helps detox through the skin: heavy metals, toxic chemicals, ionizing radiation, chronic infections, and is the only known way to successfully remove plastics from the body. One 30-minute session can burn up to 700 calories and is equivalent to a 2-4 hour workout in the gym.

From the inside out, the Photon-Genius promotes total body:

* Internal conditioning and toning

* Balanced detoxification, and

* Energetic and systemic balancing

The Photon-Genius helps power up the immune system for fighting the most challenging conditions and symptoms of the body.  An average session with the Photon-Genius is thirty minutes per day.

The Photon Genie:

The “Upgraded” Photon Genie has been available for many years and has been used on seriously ill patients world-wide with noticeable “quality of life” benefits in all situations.  The “Upgraded” Photon-Genie has become the main protocol for serious conditions of all kinds by Health Professionals in many countries.  Doctors and Health Practitioners now in 41 Countries recommend the latest Skilling Institute technology for chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, cancer, accidents, injuries, M.S., degenerative diseases, and a host of other serious conditions.  Utilizing the “Upgraded” Photon-Genie and Photon-Genius creates an unfriendly environment for Fungus, Mold, Bacteria, Infections, Viruses, and Pathogens of all kinds which allows the body’s own immune system to control, clear and eliminate pathogens.

Sessions with the Photon Genie range from one hour to several hours per day, more is better.  Many sleep with their Photon Genie to get the most benefit from its healing energy transmission and use it as a compliment to Genius sessions. The Photon Genie is also complimentary with other alternative protocols. The Photon Genie is portable and can be easily moved from one room to another, and can also be used while traveling. You can easily obtain an adapter for the car cigarette lighter and can use the Photon Genie on you while traveling in a vehicle.

About Ed Skilling:

Ed Skilling has a 50 year history of “result-oriented” technologies developed by the SKILLING INSTITUTE.  He was commissioned by California Cancer Doctors in 1959 to apply solid state electronics to original Rife Instruments.  He is credited for “re-inventing” Rife and other “frequency” instruments in 1959 and applying the power of “space-age” electronics (Ed was the Senior Electronics Design Engineer for General Dynamics for 17 years and personally supervised 1,000 of the brightest electronics engineers in the world).

He has been recognized world-wide as the “genius” in the field of electro-medicine.  The very first instrument Ed developed in 1959 got better results than anything in history, including Rife and all the others before him, and he has been number one in the world ever since.

The most advanced technology from Ed Skilling is the “Upgraded” Photon Genie and new Photon-Genius.  The “Upgraded” Photon-Genie and new Photon-Genius are the latest in a 50 year history of “result-oriented” technologies developed by the SKILLING INSTITUTE and represent the most dynamic instruments ever developed by Ed Skilling.

The “Upgraded” Photon-Genie is the first instrument Ed Skilling developed with a circuitry to “Regenerate” both tissue and bone.  The “Upgraded” Photon-Genie has been effective in all degenerative and chronic conditions.  The “Upgraded” version is also the first instrument ever developed that the body cannot “acclimate” to, which has never even been attempted by anyone else in the world.

The more the “Upgraded” Photon-Genie is used, the more noticeable and more measurable the results including specific “isolated” areas of the body like the mouth and dental issues and/or specific organs and areas of the body including the bones.  Most families get the “Upgraded” Photon-Genie for one member of the family that has a serious diagnosis or symptom and then others in the family try it and find out that the body noticeably “loves it” and they all benefit in many different, but “noticeable” ways.

The “Upgraded” Photon-Genie is the only instrument in this field that is currently being used by tri-athletes and sports teams to: increase performance, quicken-recovery from intense work-outs, speed healing from injuries, reduce and eliminate pain, prevent injuries, increase absorption of nutrients, improve digestion and assimilation, and quicken recovery from many symptoms of illness.

The “Upgraded” Photon-Genie is also the only instrument in the world that is being used by completely healthy people and the majority of them “notice” improvement and balance in energy levels and functions of their body, including digestion, assimilation and elimination.  This is the most up-to-date information pertaining to this amazing “body-friendly”, “result-oriented” technology.

It is certainly most advised to utilize Skilling technology before resorting to, or leaning too heavily on the conventional treatments that have been recommended, due to the fact that the Skilling Technology enhances the body’s ability to deal with and manage the side affects of other treatments or protocols, and promotes better digestion, assimilation and utilization of all alternative treatments.

Due to the cumulative degeneration of systems and organs of the body when the body has been overcome with the challenges we all experience, it is important to proactively and aggressively begin a result-oriented “battle plan” to defeat the progress of pathogens and opponents in the body.

The “Upgraded” Photon Genie and new Photon-Genius are real “power-tools” that facilitate an improved function of organs and systems of the body to make your body the “best it can be.”

More information on the Photon Genie:

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More information on the Photon-Genius:

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The following are links to videos for the Photon-Genius:

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Appetite”, “Better Quality Sleep”

4)  Lyme Disease Treatment – Photon-Genius Pre- and Post-IV Maximizing Positive

Results; Minimizes and Removes Reactions.

5)  IV Drug Detox – The Photon-Genius helps with “Immediate Symptom Relief”, “Withdrawal

free”, “Sleeping Better”, “More Relaxed”, “Strengthens Body”, “Less Fall Back”

6) This video shares about the Photon-Genius helping clear abnormal cells, chronic illness with kids, & emotions too!

7) 93 year old woman recommends Photon-Genius to anyone dealing with cancer

Other Photon-Genius Videos can be found at these locations on the internet:

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These videos share how the Photon-Genius: helps promote circulation and blood flow; increases vitality, strength, and boosts immune system; helps with diabetes, Parkinson’s, emphysema, bladder cancer, and much more.

Also, here are two recent radio interview, Skilling Institute Director, Warren Starnes, on KFNX Radio:

July 27, 2012 (approx 20 minutes)

Part 1:

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July 6, 2012 (approx 20 minutes)

Part 1:

Part 2:

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