Hi there Salvatore, I am intrigued by your website and that you are open to alternative healing modalities. Many people live a lifetime in sickness and despair without ever finding an ailment for their troubles. I am inflicted by depression, and am also recovering from alcoholism. I have started to become willing to live a spiritual, selfless lifestyle that requires letting go of negative patterns of that which led me to the bottle, and through a program of prayer, meditation, letting go and selfless service, I slowly (sometimes quickly) am progressing to become a compassionate and joyful human being. I still have my daily struggles and falls, but something is different. I have come to the conclusion (and I also am aware now when I am in a negative state of mind) that it always is a choice that I make to keep going the way I am going, or do something different to change my course.

Anyway, I have been studying Dr. David R. Hawkins’ work for 2 years now, and find his teachings to be of great benefit for me and many others around the world. He has been through alot in his life so he has immense experience in what he teaches. I will attach a link to a video that was made from his book “Healing and Recovery”.

I personally have read this book and it is a great place to start on your journey to recovery. He also talks quite a bit about A Course in Miracles, which is a text and a workbook with daily lessons and affirmation in it, which at first seems a bit linked with Christianity, but is in no way religious, but basically the course is all about forgiveness and letting go of negativity, which brings peace, joy and love into one’s life. And just remember, all sickness is only temporary, this too shall pass, whether in this lifetime, or the next. Bless you Salvatore and all the best of luck to you!