The Cure

I have watched your site evolve since the first days.  The open cures are a testament to the compassion and intelligence you have awakened in your created reality that you have shared making the whole world your community of caring. I have prayed for you and written about you. It is an incredible gift that you have given to the world in daring to move beyond the format parameters and to create an open cure.

Until now there was nothing I could add to the body of wisdom. Following your surgery I may be able to help you back from brain fog with cognitive rehabilitation. This would be a great honor. The brain is an under realized source of neuro-plasticity. I was brain injured in a car trauma in 2003, my skills dropped from gifted to the bottom 2 percentile for my age group. The brain scans were not pretty but today I attend Oxford. Sometimes the future we plan turns out differently from the one we live, I have found that the human spirit is an indomitable force that creates its own destiny. This is a fragment of my  story I hope with all my heart for your full recovery.

Thank you for the investment you have made in planting seeds of hope in others.

Warmest Regards,