I am sorry for your illness. I am a registered nurse and dietary supplement expert, also an author and speaker. I worked in cancer care for many years and was certified in Oncology.

Goel and Aggarwal–Curcumin Report

There is excellent research on two herbal compounds for brain cancer: curcumin (an active compound found in small quantities in the spice turmeric) and boswellia (also called Frankincense). I work for a company that sells a specific type of clinically-studied curcumin that is much better absorbed, called BCM-95 curcumin, and a clinically-studied boswellia called BosPure boswellia.

Boswellia has been shown to reduce peritumroal edema, and curcumin may slow disease progression via its ability to reduce metastasis. It has also been shown in cellular studies of epigenetics to reactivate tumor suppressor genes that have become dormant. Much of the epigenetic work is being done at Baylor University in Texas. There is a human lung cancer study about to begin at Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, Quebec, Canada using BCM-95 curcumin in conjunction with chemotherapy. Curcumin enhances the effectiveness of many chemotherapy drugs and radiation therapy. We encourage people to discuss this with their treating physician prior to deciding if combining curcumin with their regimen is right for them.


I have attached an overview on curcumin that was published in Biochemical Pharmacology a few years ago that explains the science behind this herb.


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