dear salvatore laconesi

i read about you in the new scientist and watched you on youtube

i am 63 and not very good with this magic box so could not look at the info on your brain cancer (us herbalists would call it the bodys attempt at adaptation)

i could not find out where your cancer is so do not know if this information i want to share with you is relevent

i believe that at present my body is removing cancer from my head as my submandibular lymph nodes are reducing in size

they became huge when i developed ovarian cancer in 1997 – i had to have surgery to live – but saw a cousin die from ‘secondary’ brain cancer after her ovarian cancer previous to me

last year i had two loose teeth and found eventually a dentist who did not want to take them out

he built a ‘splint’ for my mouth adjusting it every month and over this last year amazing things have happened

my body has restructured and now my head and face are changing. as the tension of trying to hold my body together is relieved by the splint

muscles are relaxing and throwing out memories (63 years worth of being crippled and not knowing it or kind of knowing it on some level of not functioning properly) – it has not an easy ride – not fit for purpose as a female – emotional pain locked in the body.

i have – like you – wanted to find out about my illness

i believe that my mum tried to get rid of me by throwing herself down stairs

my sphenoid is in torsion – twisted, – and bones have been misaligned and squashed – and my pituitary was squashed – which is why i beleive that i ended up with ovarian cancer after a lifetime of painful menstruation. never got pregnant

a whole endocrine system not working

the dentist did not know this and just tries to put people back on the midline after constant adjustment – bones are fluid they reform. he said that nature will cure if you give it room

there is a website about his teacher ‘stack tmj’ – if you can take some time to watch it – he treates and cures tourettes and other – look at the torticolis woman

i have tried to look into the stuff known about the foetus the head and brain including the esoteric knowledge from the east

the type of stuff these dentists do is new

the midline i wrote about is a foetal thing where the development of a person starts from a beat – rhythm – vibration – resonance

the cells as they differentiate into parts of the systems do it to a beat – then the blood starts to circulate to the beat – the blood starts to circulate before the heart can pump (the heart is not a pump – see stephen buhner – the secret teachings of plants) and the heart is entrained to the beat – also the craniosacral fluid also entrains to the beat

so, the way i see it, the beat creates the head and body and as the beat goes through the body and returns it should compliment that beat


if the head or body is damaged ( foetal damage or birthing damage etc) it will not reflect the beat

i have looked at your face – it is not symetrical – like mine

so i am not a magician or a clown and am glad that you are an engineer and an artist – i am a plant person and love anthropology and i love when art and science come together

mr stack is a very singleminded man (who most probably has had his share of people not beleiving his work) so he can seem a bit callous at times but the work he does is glorious

apart from infections everything i have ever had wrong with me has been a result of my foetal trauma (my mum was a good woman and loved me dearly)

please let me know if it helps

good luck with your endeavours


i believe it is the site

don’t know if england would be closer cos the splint has to be changed every 4/5 weeks- my dentist is in hockley essex – near southend airport – he also works in harley street london and in suffolk

i’m in essex too and if i can help any more by taking you round or anything at all it would be my pleasure