ganoderma lucidum

Hi, I just saw your website and wanted to give my two cents. I have seen many good benefits while consuming ganoderma lucidum, I have testimonials from people with cancer, renal disease, overweight, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. I’m a distributor of ganoderma products but I’m not here to sell you anything, I’m here because this chinese herb has been widely used in China and Japan for more than 2,000 years and it has been widely study in these countries as a cure for some diseases. But in America, since big pharmaceutical companies lobby too much in government this natural herbs dont get the chance to be study truthfully. I invite you and your advisors to investigate this herb and if you want to start taking it, make sure you find them in the spore and mycellium form. The spores of ganoderma will help with chronic conditions and the mycellium will help with diseases related to the neck up (brain,etc).

Thank you for your time and hope this information helps someone out.